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Water Quality (WQ) and Cyanobacteria Data & MAPS

The Water Quality Committee maintains the current and historical WQ and cyanobacteria data collected by our volunteers.  The WQ raw data is available for public review at the Chesapeake Monitoring Cooperative (CMC) Data Explorer web site.  We also provide raw data files to government agencies, academia and civic organizations that request the data for their analyses. 

Requests for data files should be forwarded to the Water Quality Monitoring Program Project officer at harry.looney@lakeannavirginia.org.  Include full name, organization, email, phone number, data requested (parameters, dates, etc), a justification (how the data will be used) and if you would like approval to release the data to other agencies or in a formal report.

While raw data are available for analysis-driven activities, LACA publishes our monitoring results using screenshots generated from Google Maps.   See the links below for the various mapping files available for our members and anyone looking for Lake Anna water quality data.

WQ Maps and Data Click this WQ link for water quality monitoring that LACA conducts four times each year  parameters such as Total Phosphorus, Total Nitrogen, Chlorophyll-a, E. coli bacteria, temperature, Dissolved Oxygen and pH.  

Algae - Upper Lake Regions:     LACA's current Cyanobacteria (algae) map is here The Google map shows "pins" where we monitor conditions.  Click on a pin to see the current data for that station.  LACA tracks two chemical pigments in this project.  One, phycocyanin, is only found in cyanobacteria.  The second, chlorophyl, is used by plants and cyanobacteria in the photosynthesis process.  A legend for PIN colors used on the Google Map is provided below:

Algae Reports:  Private citizens are encouraged to submit reports of algae on the Virginia Department of Health website.  Click on this link to go to the online report page.  The LACA Water Quality committee would appreciate being informed of any algae reports that are submitted.  Please contact the POCs listed on our committee home page.

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