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Private Side Meeting, March 8th, 2024

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Lake Anna Rescue, Inc. is Raising Funds for a Private Side Emergency Medical Services Rescue Boat

Lake Anna Rescue, Inc. (LARI), a dedicated Volunteer Non-Profit 501(C)(3) organization,  has been the EMS First Responders for water emergencies on the Private Side since 1998.   Their rescue boat (shown below) is the only dedicated emergency watercraft permanently docked on the Private Side.  Their ability to provide a swift and tailored response keeps our community and visitors safe.   As we navigate the waters of our community, we find ourselves at a crucial juncture in ensuring the safety and well-being of all residents and visitors to the Private Side of Lake Anna.  LARI is reaching out to you with a heartfelt appeal for support.

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LARI's current 1999 Rescue Boat

Rescue Boat Limitations and Private Side Challenges

The lifeline of our community's water rescue efforts currently rests on the shoulders of a boat that has dutifully served LARI for 25 years.  Yet, this vessel is showing signs of its age, having been out of service for 21 days during the summer season of 2023.  The current boat has become unreliable and is insufficient for water rescues as it lacks a lift mechanism or fold-down door making it difficult to load an injured patient from the water.  We cannot afford to compromise the safety of our fellow community members and those who enjoy the Lake Anna Private Side as a popular vacation destination.

Both sides of Lake Anna are separated by man-made dikes which completely isolate the Private side from the public side.  Private side residents lack immediate assistance from emergency boats on the public side due to these physical barriers.  The closest public side rescue boat is 10 miles away, but the prep and transport time to retrieve, trailer, transport, relaunch and then respond to an emergency can take up to an hour.  This creates a unique emergency service barrier.  Lake Anna water rescues cannot be affected without a reliable boat.  Water related emergencies are higher acuity and time is of the essence.  Calls have included missing boaters, watercraft crashes, sinking boats, swimmers cut by propellers, crush injuries between dock and boat, water skiing and jet ski injuries and even drownings.  Delays incurred by trailering boats represent an unacceptable increase in response time. LARI's current boat is centrally located on a dedicated boat lift.  LARI is raising funds for a licensed OEMS Vehicle similar to the vessel shown below.  This boat will be a Regional Asset utilized by all trained and released volunteer and career EMS/Fire providers in Louisa County.

Your generosity can be the beacon of hope needed to secure a new rescue boat for Lake Anna.  Your gift isn't just a donation; it's a lifeline that will empower LARI to respond swiftly and effectively to water rescue calls, ensuring the safety of everyone who enjoys the beauty of our lake.

Lake Anna Rescue understands the importance of community, and is committed to safeguarding it.  By contributing to this cause, you become an integral part of this mission, a vital link in the chain of safety and support.

To make your life-saving donation, please visit the LARI New Boat Donation website, scan this QR code, or contact us directly at 300 Bumpass Rd., P.O. Box 101, Bumpass, VA 23024.  Every dollar brings us one step closer to acquiring the rescue boat our community urgently needs.

Thank you for considering this vital request. Together, let's ensure that Lake Anna remains a safe haven for all.

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