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The Hayden Property   

(Formerly Proposed Four seasons at Lake anna RV Park)

May 2024

We have been notified that the requested re-zoning of the Hayden property has been scheduled for a public hearing with the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday, May 28, 2024.   If you are within a 3000 ft radius, you will receive a letter via email alerting you of the scheduled hearing.  The agenda is typically posted 1 week prior to the meeting.  You can check our website one week before to see the published agenda items associated with this case.  That information will be posted here or you may review some of the case materials here.  A week prior to the scheduled hearing, we will provide an eGram indicating it is still a go.

The Spotsylvania County Board of Supervisors did not hold the public hearing for this development on April 23, 2024.  I am told that the applicant made changes which triggered a delay and then that Supervisor Lane asked that it not move forward until 2nd mtg in May. This all assumes the applicants proffer changes pass legal review. I will keep you informed when the schedule is set for the Public Hearing.

March 2024

The Public Hearing in front of the Spotsylvania Planning Commission was held March 6, 2024.  County Staff presented the rezoning request and the applicant also made a presentation on the planned 40 home lake Anna subdivision.  County Staff recommend denial of the rezoning based on concerns in the area of traffic and what they view as an incomplete hydrology study needed to ensure adequate water for the new subdivision and those in the surrounding area.  Seven concerned citizens spoke in opposition to the project mainly focused on this area of the lake being barrow, shallow and ground zero for the HAB problem.  Also mentioned was the concern for adequate water, and simply keeping this end of the County rural.  There was discussion among the Commissioners after the public spoke, and a motion was made to deny the request by the Livingston Commissioner, Debbie Fregoso, seconded and approved 7-0.  You can see the Planning Commission Packet on the County Website HERE.

The next stop for in this decision making process will be at the Board of Supervisors where there will be another Public Hearing scheduled.  Keep in mind that while the recommendation from the PC to the BOS is denial, the BOS will make up it's own mind based on how they see the facts of the request.  We will keep you informed of the continuing developments.

February 2024

The Public Hearing before the Spotsylvania County Planning Commission for R22-0008 Hayden Property (Formerly the site of the proposed RV Park) is scheduled to occur on March 6, 2024 at 6:00 pm.  This will occur in the Board of Supervisors Room at the Holbert Building, 9104 Courthouse Road, Spotsylvania, VA.  The developer is requesting a zoning change for the almost 139 acres of property on two plots from Resort Agricultural (RA) to Planned Rural Residential 3 (PRR-3).  This will permit the development of 40 houses, mostly on 2+ acre lots, waterfront houses are permitted to be on 1 acre lots.  The subdivision will include a common area at the water with a clubhouse, pool, boat launch and covered boathouse for up to 40 slips.  All of the pertinent information regarding the zoning change and development plan can be found on the Spotsylvania County Website by clicking HERE.

January 2024  Based on latest conversation, the proposed proffers are being reviewed by the County and we expect the Planning Commission to get this on the schedule for a public hearing possibly in the March/April timeframe.  Keep watching this site for additional information when it is available.

November 2023  County planning staff reports that the Applicant is still working through their GDP and proffers. "As of right now there is no date for them to go to Planning Commission."  The most recent Application Narrative Document can be found HERE, and the most recent Site Plans can be found HERE.  

July 2023  County Planning Staff continues to work with the developer on aspects of their plan.  A community meeting was held in May where the plan was presented to the community and comments and questions were addressed. The next major milestone towards the required rezoning activity by the County will be a Public Hearing held by the Planning Commission.  No date has been set for this Public Hearing at this time.