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Vice President

Joe Bailey, Incumbent

*Joe has served as the vice president since July 2019.

* Joe previously served as vice president for several terms beginning in 2000 before stepping away for a brief time.

* Joe started coming to the lake to fish and camp with his father in the mid-1970’s and he and his wife, Gretchen, bought land in 1989, building a weekend home in 1991 as a get-away from the D.C. metro area before moving here full time in 1994 when he started a software company.

* He enjoys gardening, cooking, fishing, and reading history.

* Joe also served on the Lake Anna Special Area Plan Committee chaired by the late Jack Bertron who formed LACA and encouraged Joe to get involved with LACA as well.  He has also served on the board of the Kelly’s Landing Property Owners Association, is a member and on the board of the Belmont Ruritan Club and volunteers with the Belmont Foundation.Ask Joe a question


Sue Biondi, Incumbent

* Sue has served as the organization's secretary since July 2010.

* She and her husband, Rich, purchased property in Runnymede subdivision in July 1982 and constructed their home in 1984.  Initially a weekend getaway from the hubbub of Fairfax County, the home was remodeled in 2006 and the couple moved here in February 2008 after retirement. 

* Boating and jet skiing are her favorite summer activities along with playing the many golf courses in Central Virginia.  Sue also enjoys crocheting and meeting with her book club.

* Sue is a retired perianesthesia registered nurse with the INOVA health system in Fairfax and for the past three and a half years has worked as a registered nurse at Dominion Energy’s North Anna Power Station.

* Additionally, she volunteers with the Louisa County Resource Council

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Assistant Treasurer


John joined LACA Leadership team as the Land Use Chair in 2021. He was appointed by the board as the assistant Treasurer in 2022.

* Into most all lake activities, John has been visiting Lake Anna since 1980. He and Debbie purchased their first house on the lake in 1996 spending weekends and summer vacations with family and friends. They completed construction on their current home in 2019. 

* After retiring from the Government Information Technology business and moving to the lake full time in 2020, John has become an active volunteer at the Louisa County Resource Council, LACA and Habitat for Humanity. These activities, as well as a large extended family, serve to keep life adventurous and the days full.

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Regional Director
Region 2: Jackson/Cuckoo - Public Side

Jean mccormick, INCUMBENT

* Emergency Services and Safety Committee Co-Chair

* Jean has served as the vice chairman of the Emergency Services committee since 2012.

* An avid boater, Jean has owned property at the lake since in 1993, moving to the lake full time in 2003 after retiring from Fairfax County Public Schools.

* Jean has also served as chair of the Lake Anna Advisory Committee’s Water Safety and Navigation subcommittee for eight years where she is responsible for monitoring the safety markers on the lake including all Hazard buoys and the No Wake buoys at the bridges.  She is also a member of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, Flotilla 87, Lake Anna where she teaches Safe Boating Classes and runs Safety patrols on the lake.

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Regional Director
Region 4: Brokenburg

Rick nehrboss, Incumbent

*  Brokenburg Regional director, elected in July 2020 to a two-year term.  

* In addition to LACA, he also volunteers as a Job Help and Mobile Mentoring Coach at the Thurman Brisben Center in Fredericksburg.

*  An avid water skier in his early days, Rick is relegated to just driving the boat and swimming now.  His other interests and activities include hiking (mostly at the State Park), tennis, golf, scuba diving, snow skiing, and hanging out at the lake reading a book.

*  He is looking forward to meeting the LACA membership and other community members.

* He is part-owner in the Encore Home Gallery consignment furniture store in Fredericksburg

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David Reichert

* Dave and his wife Kelly bought a house on the cove fed by Hairfield Creek in 2018. They have 3 adult children who they entice to visit more often by being on the lake.

He grew up going to lakes in Connecticut with his family and was thrilled to be able to buy a house on Lake Anna where his family can enjoy lake life too.

* Dave works from home in the final stage of a rewarding career with DuPont that included roles as a corrosion consultant, fuel cell engineer, ballistic protection expert, and business development leader.

* He is interested in lake water quality, how to improve it and how to ensure new developments are designed to have a positive impact on the lake.

* He enjoys sailing, boating, kayaking, and relaxing in the lake. Dave is an avid volleyball player and enjoys traveling with his wife and family.

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    Regional Director
    Region 6: Mineral/Louisa

    Pamela Hahn, Incumbent

    Elected as the Mineral/Louisa Regional Director in July 2020 to a two-year term

    * Purchased property in Windwood Coves in 2015, moving here full-time in March 2020.  After living in Long Island, New York for many years and visiting the beach on the weekend, the family moved to Arlington in 2014 and began looking for a place to spend the summers.

    * Loving to swim, kayak, stand up paddleboard and jet ski, Pamela is a Holistic Health Coach.  She is preparing to sit for her National Board exam.  She is also a certified yoga instructor and passionate about the environment.

    * Training as a Master Gardener in Northern Virginia, Pam will complete her internship with the Louisa County Extension Master Gardeners.

    * Pam hails from East Tennessee and has two daughters, having served as the PTA president at numerous educational levels.

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