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Regional Director

Region 1 - Jackson/Cuckoo - Private

Colleen Delawder

Hello!  My name is Colleen Delawder and my husband, Geremy, and I moved full time to Lake Anna in 2015 with our kids.  Since then, my love for our community and this gorgeous place we are so lucky to live in has continued to grow.  We have amazing neighbors, and I have grown into a role that helps them get their voices heard for matters concerning the neighborhood as a whole.  As a result, we have been able to come together as a community and make decisions together to improve our neighborhood for us all.  I would like to continue that trend on a larger scale with LACA as the voice of the private side of the lake as we grow our community in a manner that would benefit us all for years to come.

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Margie garr

Having grown up on the shores of Lake Erie, I felt terribly landIocked after moving to Northern Virginia ~ until I discovered Lake Anna! I then pursued my passion for slalom skiing on weekends, trailering my Ski Centurion, until eventually in 1995, I purchased a lot with boat slip. Subsequently, I became a member of LACA (can’t remember the year!) after realizing the value of this association’s programs. In April of 2019, my sister and I purchased a lake house in the Oakleigh II development. I was expecting to remain a weekender for several more years, but the pandemic situation helped put an end to my career position. Consequently, my house in Loudoun county is sold; I am a full time Lake Anna resident; and I have spare time to actively support LACA! 

My professional experience provides a good foundation for representing the interests of LACA’s members. I’ve worked in corporate environments and for non-profit groups; am skilled in member communications, have some knowledge of advocacy software and activities, and have successfully interacted with volunteer committees, boards of directors, public officials, and the press to promote organization initiatives. Additionally, I served for several years as secretary on the Board of Directors for the Jerdone Island Association, the Lake Anna development where I first owned property. 

As the lake population increases, so does the need to spread the LACA mission! There are so many different ways to enjoy Lake Anna! Let’s keep it that way!

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