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Lake Anna is a 13,000 acre reservoir in the rolling fields and forested triangle formed by the cities of Charlottesville, Fredericksburg, and Richmond, Virginia. The lake was created by Virginia Electric and Power Company, now Dominion Energy, Inc., in 1972 to serve as a recreational lake and provide cooling water for the North Anna Power Station.

Cyanobacteria Mitigation & Remediation (CMR) Project

Please help LACA raise $50,000 to Kick the HAB, AGAIN! @ Lake Anna.

With the proper approvals and success in our fund-raising effort, LACA will investigate several HAB mitigation and remediation techniques in 2023. LACA will work with state agencies, Dominion Energy, home and landowners, and local businesses to demonstrate technologies that have been shown to significantly reduce and control cyanobacteria/HAB in other locations around the country.  LACA's demonstration plan will implement ultrasound and algaecide mitigation capabilities in three test locations and a phosphorous reduction capability at one other location on Lake Anna. Our goal is to maintain cyanobacteria levels at or below pre-treatment levels in those four areas for the 2023 recreational season.

Our program will specifically refrain from impacting water sampling stations used by the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) due to the state funded study that will be executed in 2023 and 2024.

Kick the HAB, AGAIN!

Collected: $41,653.00
Goal: $50,000.00

Water Quality

LACA's Water Quality (WQ) team and Virginia's Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) regularly monitor the lake and streams in the watershed.   DEQ monitors the lake on a monthly basis.  LACA monitors water quality parameters four times a year in April, June, August and October.  LACA also works with DEQ and the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) to monitor for harmful algae blooms.  Our algae and water quality data are available in the WQ Data pages.  Virginia Department of Health (VDH) HAB info is available here.  LACA's cyanobacteria sampling data and maps can be found at this link.  LACA's data and information on our Cyanobacteria Mitigation & Remediation Program is available at this link.

Environmental Preservation 

An expansion of the former LACA Environmental Education Committee, the Environmental Preservation Committee has turned its focus on the causes of the recent Harmful Algae Blooms, potential remediation and possible solutions to the issue.  As a result they are also looking at other detrimental impacts to the beauty and enjoyment of Lake Anna.

Learn more about these important issues and ways you can help by clicking here.

LACA Annual Fireworks Display

With the turn of the calendar it's time to start thinking about summer and all the fun Lake Anna brings.  One of those long-standing traditions is the annual fireworks show, which will be held on Saturday, July 1 to celebrate the 4th of July holiday.

Additionally, Lake Anna will be celebrating its golden anniversary, 50 years in existence bringing family, friends and visitors together in a unique community.

Please click here to learn more about our fireworks show.  To support the annual shoot by donating, click here.   The shoot is funded entirely by donations from our community so your support is appreciated and needed to make this the best year yet

Our donors are listed here starting with those received August 1 of each year through July 31 of the following year.

Emergency Services & Safety

As the summer boating season begins, there are numerous things you should check before heading out on the lake.  In addition to ensuring your boat is in good operating condition, you should make sure you have all the necessary safety equipment on board.  There are other tips to keep you and your passengers and others safe.

The committee also encourages everyone to be aware of your surroundings and know the various 911 emergency markings such as the bridge signs, yellow dock signs and island signs. 

To learn more click here

SPOTSY looking for input to their SMALL AREA PLAN for LAKE ANNA. 

We encourage you to provide your input to the plan by taking the SURVEY!

Click HERE To Participate! 

Land Use

Short Term Rental Action moves to the Board of Supervisors for required  Code changes.  Expect date to be set soon for Public Hearing and discussion. 

Planning Commission deliberated and voted in their September 14th meeting to require a Conditional Use Permit for ALL short Term Rentals in R1 and R2 zoned neighborhoods and set their recommendations to the BOS.   

The BOS is expected to take up the matter in October with discussions and a Public Hearing before determining the fate of STR's in the County. 

Plan on making your views known by writing to the BOS members and participating in the Public Hearing when it is scheduled.

You can find more information, including LACA's recommended Ordinance Requirements by clicking HERE.

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