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Fireworks Committee

LACA sponsors the annual fireworks show, one of Lake Anna’s most popular events.  The show brings considerable visibility to LACA’s commitment to the community.  Mike May chairs the committee and his wife, Kathy, assists with fundraising and Craig DiSesa as the vice chair.  Ken Sadel prepares the shoot site.  The Fireworks Committee is responsible for all aspects of producing the fireworks show.

The fireworks shoot is completely funded from donations made specifically to pay for the show with solicitation letters sent out during the first half of May.  No other LACA funds are used to support it.  Generous responses from property owners around the lake make the annual event possible.

Planning for the show begins a year in advance.  A contract is negotiated with a fireworks vendor.  Necessary permits are acquired.  A safety meeting is held to coordinate local fire departments, law enforcement and other first responders.  The committee organizes workers to set up and clean up after the shoot.

The show is typically held on the Saturday closest to July 4th at 9:15 P.M.  It is shot from Dike 2, making it visible to residents and visitors from both the public and private sides of the lake.  However, no general parking is available.  It is a boating event or visible from shoreline properties nearby.

A decision on whether to proceed with the shoot in case of pending inclement weather is made by noon on the day of the shoot.  Notification is made through LACA e-grams and posts on the Facebook page and website.  A rain date is typically the following Saturday.

100% of the costs of the Annual Fireworks Show come from the generous donations from the public. Please help make this year's show the best by donating now.

Donation goal

Collected: $46,570.00
Goal: $35,000.00


Chair: Mike May

 Email Mike

Vice Chair: Craig DiSesa

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