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  • Maureen (Mo) has chaired the Emergency Services committee since 2011.
  • Learning to boat on the Potomac, Mo was looking for investment property within a couple of hours of Northern Virginia.  Purchasing the property in 1992, she built her house in 1993 enjoying the lake as often as she could until her retirement in 2002 after 30 years teaching fifth and sixth grades in Fairfax County.  She moved here full-time in 2003.
  • In addition to LACA, Mo is a member of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, Flotilla #87 where she teaches safe boating classes and runs patrols.  She is also a member of the Lake Anna Advisory Committee’s Navigation subcommittee.  She also enjoys water sports and yard work.

Emergency Services & Safety: Jean McCormick, vice chair

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  • Jean has served as the vice chairman of the Emergency Services committee since 2012.
  • An avid boater, Jean has owned property at the lake since in 1993, moving to the lake full time in 2003 after retiring from Fairfax County Public Schools.
  • Jean has also served as chair of the Lake Anna Advisory Committee’s Water Safety and Navigation subcommittee for eight years where she is responsible for monitoring the safety markers on the lake including all Hazard buoys and the No Wake buoys at the bridges.  She is also a member of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, Flotilla 87, Lake Anna where she teaches Safe Boating Classes and runs Safety patrols on the lake.

Environmental Preservation: Lara Weatherholtz, Co-chair

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  • Lara and her husband purchased their home on the lake in July, 2005 when their kids were four and one.   
  • They have spent the past 18 years working in Fairfax (where they own a small business) and living on Lake Anna (where they love their close friends and neighbors). 
  • Now that the kids have gone off to college, Lara has the opportunity to focus more on her passions.  The health and well-being of Lake Anna is at the top of that list.  
  • Lara also enjoys hiking, running and cooking/baking.

Environmental Preservation: Mark DeBord, Co-chair

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  • Bought property in August 2000 when his kids were seven and four. His two kids grew up playing on the lake.
  • Mark and his wife moved to the lake full-time in 2014 after his youngest moved off to college. 
  • Retired from Altria as VP of Human Resources in 2016
  • Prior to that, Mark was a partner at Hunton & Williams (now Hunton, Andrews & Kurth)
  • Mark is currently serving on boards of animal welfare and youth education non-profits (having served in leadership positions of both, as well as other non-profit boards)
  • Mark is an avid Tennessee football fan. Graduated from UT undergrad and law. Still have season tickets.
  • Working with a couple of organizations on creating and preserving wildlife habitat on his farm in Mineral.
  • Mark also enjoys babysitting his granddaughter, fly-fishing, and hiking.

Fireworks: Mike May, chair

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  • Mike and Kathy May are native Virginians.  Mike graduated from the University of Louisiana in Lafayette and Kathy from William and Mary.  The two married in 1990 and live in Glen Allen, a suburb of Richmond.  They first discovered Lake Anna in 1993 after purchasing a boat. In 1995, Mike and Kathy bought a house on the lake and named it “Mayview”. 
  • They joined LACA in 1996. 
  • After enjoying the Lake Anna 25th Anniversary Celebration fireworks, they were eager to see it become an annual event.  With backgrounds in marketing and advertising, they volunteered to lead the fundraising campaign for the LACA Fireworks Committee.  A few years later, Mike became Chairman of the Committee and still serves in that position today.

Fireworks: Craig DiSesa, vice chair

  • Craig is currently serving as vice chair of the committee.
  • Being an avid water sports enthusiast, Craig and his wife, Heather purchased their property in 2007 after looking for two years for just the right lake.
  • In addition to the Fireworks Committee, Craig also volunteered with the LACA Water Quality Monitoring team from 2015-2017 as part of a team that monitored on the Waste Heat Treatment Facility. 
  • When the couple were looking for property, one of the requirements was a desire to share it with local ministries.  Over the past 13 years they have invited church groups and ministry teams to experience the beauty and serenity of Lake Anna from their property near the dam.
* When the couple were looking for property, one of the requirements was a desire to share it with local ministries.  Over the past 13 years they have invited church groups and ministry teams to experience the beauty and serenity of Lake Anna from their property near the dam.

Land Use: John Wayne, Chair 

 Email John

  • John joined LACA in the Land Use capacity in 2021.
  • Into most all lake activities, John has been visiting Lake Anna since 1980. He and Debbie purchased their first house on the lake in 1996 spending weekends and summer vacations with family and friends. They completed construction on their current home in 2019. 
  • After retiring from the Government Information Technology business and moving to the lake full time in 2020, John has become an active volunteer at the Louisa County Resource Council, LACA and Habitat for Humanity. These activities, as well as a large extended family, serve to keep life adventurous and the days full.

Marketing & Membership: Irene Luck

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  • Irene assumed the role of chairman of marketing and membership in 2015.
  • Irene has been involved with LACA since its inception in the early 1990s when invited by founder Jack Bertron to cover the inaugural meeting for The Central Virginian newspaper.  She worked with the Hospitality committee for several years at its annual meeting before the committee was combined to form marketing and membership.
  • She holds the unique status of being a native of Louisa County and experienced the growth of Lake Anna from its inception.  Her family’s farm was partially flooded when the lake filled and she still lives within a few miles of the family’s ancestral home and her own childhood home.
  • A love for the water, she enjoyed a variety of water sports growing up and now relishes watching her family enjoy the lake and the many activities it offers.
  • Irene is also involved with Mineral Baptist Church, Louisa County Resource Council, Mineral Volunteer Fire Department and Auxiliary, Santa Council, and Louisa County Ruritan Club.

Newsletter: J. D. Edwards

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  • J.D. has served as the quarterly newsletter editor since 2009.
  • He purchased property at the lake in 2007 and enjoys spending time with family and friends.  He also enjoys volunteering, genealogy, and construction projects.
  • He is a member of Mt. Pleasant United Methodist Church where he serves as a trustee, and volunteers with Adult Community Education, Louisa County Resource Council serving as secretary, Habitat for Humanity, and the Fluvanna/Louisa Housing Foundation.

Water Quality: Harry Looney, co-chair

 Email Harry

  • Harry has served as co-chair of the Water Quality committee since January 2020.
  • Purchasing a lot in 2004, Harry and his wife, Marci, spent several years improving the property before building a weekend residence in 2008.  In 2018 they completed construction on the home and moved to the lake full-time.
  • Retiring from the Army in 1997, Harry decided Virginia would be his home when he was reassigned to Northern Virginia in 1995 and he started looking for lakefront property near D.C.  Having spent many childhood summers at lakes in Michigan, he knew he wanted to be near the water when he retired.  Still working part-time as a defense contractor, Harry plans to fully retire in 2021 so he can enjoy the lake more.
  • Harry enjoys woodworking projects, beekeeping, hiking, shooting, and other outdoor activities.

Water Quality: Dick hanscom, co-chair

 Email Dick

  • Dick has served as co-chair of the Water Quality Committee since November 2023.
  • Dick and Marg purchased their lake house in the fall of 2003. Through the years, their family of three daughters and five grandchildren truly enjoyed the lake and all the recreational opportunities. 
  • Dick grew up along the coast of Maine enjoying the fishing and boating activities (and the lobsters). Marg also grew up along the coast and she loved the beaches, boardwalks, etc that the New Jersey coast offered.  So, they were excited about the opportunity to purchase a home on Lake Anna.
  • Dick was hearing and reading about the water quality of the lake, so he wanted to do his part in mitigating the issues. He started supporting the Water Quality Program in 2019.  
  • Dick has a BS in Biology from the University of Maine. He is a retired Army aviator rated in both helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft, with follow on positions as a DOD civilian and corporate executive.  As a full time “retiree” Dick has more time to give back to the Lake Anna community. 
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