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Water Quality COMMITTEE

The Water Quality Committee's 2023 Annual report is available to download.  Click on the cover page image above to download a copy of the report.

In early 2002, LACA created a Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring Program with a mandate to begin water quality monitoring needed to assess the lake’s water quality.  There were several issues being analyzed and discussed at this time.  First, there were assessments developed by State agencies reporting levels of E.coli bacteria that caused many of the streams leading into Lake Anna to be declared as impaired.  In addition, the assessments also listed several streams as impaired due to high acid levels.  The LACA Water Quality Monitoring Program was established to specifically determine whether the E.coli and acid conditions which cause the tributary impairments were affecting the lake itself.   

The LACA Water Quality Monitoring Program began monitoring in March 2002 at 13 sites on the lake in order to provide indicators of whether E.coli and acidic impairments had intruded into the lake from the impaired streams identified in the State assessments. This monitoring also provided indications of dissolved oxygen and nutrient (phosphorus) status as well as water clarity.

Monitoring at over 30 sites is now carried out jointly with the Commonwealth’s Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) under a joint Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) that was initiated in 2002.  The current MOA with DEQ is available in the Water Quality Committee Library.

The Water Quality Committee is chaired by Harry Looney.  Please reach out to us if you have any questions, concerns or ideas on improving water quality at Lake Anna.


Co-Chair: Harry Looney

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Co-Chair: Dick Hanscom

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