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Environmental Preservation Committee

The Environmental Preservation Committee is an expansion of the former Environment Education Committee with a focus on promoting responsible stewardship of the Lake Anna watershed.  The broader reaching committee is currently chaired by Mark Debord and Lara Weatherholtz. 

The mission of the expanded committee is to focus on actions to protect, preserve, and improve the long-term quality of Lake Anna and its environs.  This expanded emphasis is in no small part due to the Harmful Algae Bloom problems that were encountered during the summer of 2018. 

To date, we have reached out to other states to learn their best practices.  We have gathered a treasure trove of past studies and plans specific to the long-term health of Lake Anna.  We have met with administrators and several supervisors of Louisa, Spotsylvania, and Orange counties, the three jurisdictions that border the lake.  We are also in communication with representatives of all three Soil and Water Conservation Districts that encompass the Lake Anna Watershed as well as the Virginia Department of Health, Chesapeake Bay Foundation, Dominion Power, and Lake Anna State Park officials.  Other organizations working with us include Friends of Lake Anna State Park and local Master Gardeners.  We have also started attending meetings of the York River Watershed Roundtable which is sponsored by the Department of Environmental Quality.

We are serving as a conduit of information among various stakeholders some of whom were not even aware of Lake Anna or its algae problem.  We are continuing to explore what can be done within the scope and limits of our influence and how to prioritize and communicate those actions. Additionally, we are partnering with LACA’s Water Quality Committee in monitoring the health of the lake and ways we can all protect and preserve the natural resource we have here.

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Co-Chair: Mark Debord

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Co-Chair: Lara Weatherholtz

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