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Regulatory or informational buoys are used to advise boaters of situations, dangers, or directions. They may indicate shallow water, swim areas, No Wake zones, and exclusion areas.  Pay close attention to these markers as you boat, especially in areas that are unfamiliar. Buoys are white with orange bands on top and bottom.  Symbols inform you about the danger or the message:

No Wake Zone (Orange circle):  Slow down to No Wake at bridges. State law also requires you to slow to No Wake speed within 50 feet of docks, piers, ramps, people in the water. No Wake speed is the slowest speed possible to maintain steerage and headway.

Hazard Area (Orange diamond):  Watch out! Something beneath the surface of the water is dangerous. Avoid this area!

Restricted Area (Orange diamond with a cross inside):  Stay out!  Do not enter.  No boats or jet skis allowed. These are typically found around Lake Anna State Park's swimming areas and at the North Anna Power Station intake/discharge areas and at the dam.

 No Wake Surfing:  There are two uniquely designated areas on Lake  Anna that specifically prohibit wake surfing.  One area is on the  Pamunkey River north of Dillards Bridge and beyond The Cove Restaurant in the area of Kelly's Landing subdivision.  The other zone is located on Terry’s Run and starts around the Southwind Shore  subdivision common area and ends just south of Days Bridge. The areas have been designated at the request of the homeowners who were experiencing unsafe conditions along those narrow sections of the lake.

These areas are clearly marked by two “No Wake Surfing” buoys at the beginning and end of those zones.  Other water sports, including skiing, tubing and wake boarding, are permitted in those areas.

The Lake Anna Advisory Committee’s Safety & Navigation Committee is responsible for installing and maintaining all hazard buoys and the NO Wake buoys at most bridges on the lake.  The Lake Anna Advisory Committee (LAAC) is a joint administrative organization between the counties of Louisa, Spotsylvania, and Orange whose purpose is to address matters of mutual interest pertaining to Lake Anna and the adjacent shorelines governed by the surrounding counties.

The committee is composed of volunteers who donate their boat and their time to maintain these navigational safety markers to help you identify dangerous parts of the lake and to regulate your speed when traveling under the bridges.

Boaters beware. . . It is not possible to identify every shallow spot or every possible obstruction lurking under the water so boaters must always be aware of their surroundings at all times.  Always give hazard buoys a wide berth and always slow to NO Wake speed going under bridges. (The law defines No Wake as the slowest speed possible to maintain steerage and headway.)

We need your help to make this system work for all who come here and all who live here. If you see a buoy that is damaged or moves off station or a light that is not functioning, please call (540) 967-1234 or email

Thanks to all our “buoy watchers” who have helped in the past by letting us know the condition of a buoy or securing an errant one to their dock until we could retrieve it.

LAAC buoys will have a decal attached that clearly states ownership and asks you to call (540) 967-1234, when found. This number connects you to Louisa County’s 911 non-emergency call center. They relay that information to the committee for action.

We appreciate your continued support of Lake Anna’s navigation program.

To apply for a No Wake buoy, you must complete the packet available on the Louisa and Spotsylvania county websites.  The request is reviewed by the LAAC Safety and Navigation Subcommittee who makes a recommendation along with a representative from the appropriate jurisdiction.  The Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries has the final say on the placement of buoys.

All buoys on Lake Anna must have the approval of the Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources.

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