2021 Survey Highlights

September 01, 2021 12:00 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

By Rick Nehrboss – September 2021

Thanks to the 504 members who completed our recent membership survey!  We were really pleased with the response since we had sent out 967 invitations.  This year we were up from the 360 responses we received in the 2019 survey.  Unfortunately many of you missed our presentation at the annual meeting so we wanted to provide some brief highlights on the results.  The survey was organized roughly along committee structures so the following are some observations from each section.

When it comes to Water Quality, most of you used the LACA Website and LACA eGram (64% and 61%) to get your information on E. coli bacteria levels, cyanobacteria activities and water quality research and analysis.  Seventy percent suggested SMS text.  Eighty-seven percent said our research and analysis did impact swimming and boating decisions.  An overwhelming majority approved of LAAC’s (Lake Anna Advisory Committee) use of DEQ approved herbicides to control hydrilla (86%) and use of sterile carp (91%).

When it comes to Environmental Protection, over half of our members do NOT know of our recommendations on what we can do to mitigate Hazardous Algae Bloom (HAB).  You can expect more information on what steps homeowners can do to mitigate HAB and the service provided by Soil and Water Conservation Districts for homeowner projects to reduce rainstorm runoff.

Under the topic of Emergency Services and Safety, strong majorities believe we should support common sense requirements around wake surfing with 100/200-foot setbacks, limiting wake surfing to large sections of the lake and additional no-wake surfing zones.  In addition, close to 100 members were interested in purchasing 911 dock signs. Online store product

Given all the interest in the Four Seasons Luxury RV Park and other Land Use projects, almost 90% of our members think we should be involved in land use decisions.  When it comes to the types of business our members would like to see, Urgent Care and additional casual restaurants rated the highest with fast food among the lowest.

Under the Marketing and Membership section, 94% would support an increase in membership dues given a contribution to HAB research and remediation.  Our membership overwhelmingly supports (87%) a new category of membership for Homeowner Association (HOA) Presidents and a way to communicate with the lake community.  In addition, 394 responders were HOA members.

Our last section contained general questions pertaining to the annual meeting, fireworks and general comments.  Ninety-one percent believe we present the right amount of information at our annual meeting and most people contribute to the fireworks when they attend with some extra donations.  The last question captured 75 comments on a wide variety of topics.

The Board of Directors has begun the process of creating an Action Plan based upon the survey results.  Each question has been assigned to the Committee Lead or another individual to review, analyze and summarize the results and recommend specific actions with a suggested implementation date. 

The Board will convene a separate meeting to review all the actions for approval and implementation and monitor progress at our monthly meetings.  You can expect to see responses soon because of all the survey responses.  Again, membership feedback is extremely valuable and we are determined to implement your suggestions! Thanks again to those who completed our survey!

Rick Nehrboss


Brokenburg Regional Director

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