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Dock Sign

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This will begin your order for a dock sign. Further instructions will be emailed to you after your order is placed. Dock signs and similar signs installed on Dominion’s islands on Lake Anna serve as addresses on the water so that, in the event of an emergency, boaters can give 911 operators the information on the sign. The application process to obtain a dock sign creates a link between your dock, common area, land, or island and your street address, or GPS coordinates, if no street address is available. This information becomes part of the data base that 911 emergency communications centers use in Louisa and Spotsylvania Counties to pinpoint exact locations on the Lake. Please understand that a critical part of the program is handled on a volunteer basis by the Louisa County 911 Emergency Communications Deputy Director who works on applications in addition to his regular work schedule in the 911 call center. It involves verifying GPS coordinates so the dock sign can be linked to your 911 street address in case response needs to happen by road. Your dock sign is a water based 911 address for emergencies on the water. After that, the application goes to LKA Signs and Designs in Mineral who fabricates the sign and mails it to you. The process can take up to a month depending on what’s happening in 911, so we ask for your patience. Thanks to the dock sign program, 911 call centers in Louisa and Spotsylvania routinely dispatch deputies and EMS, who are patrolling or who can be dispatched on the water, by dock sign numbers. They are your 911 address for water emergencies on Lake Anna. Each member of the Lake Anna Rescue Group (LARG) carries a Dock/Island Sign Map Book on board, which readily identifies where every sign is located. Thank you for participating in this potentially life saving initiative. The obvious benefit is improved response time to emergencies. The more dock and island signs, the more reference points, the more accurate the location of the incident the quicker the response.
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