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Development Plans for Hayden and Hairfield Properties Under Review by County Planners

April 01, 2023 12:00 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

By John Wayne – April 2023

Developer Trey Wills continues to demonstrate an interest in Lake Anna with plans for a residential development on the Hayden property and a “mixed use” residential and commercial development on a collection of properties on the northeast end of the 208 bridge known as the Hairfield property. 

Hayden Property

As you recall, in July of 2022, a rezoning package for the Hayden property (Former site of the proposed RV Park) was submitted to County Planning for a Planned Residential Rural (PRR) Development. The proposed development intended to utilize the PRR-4 subcategory with an allowable density of one (1) parcel per two (2) acres, or sixty-six (66) allowable lots.  The plan also proposed to take advantage of the “lakefront preservation alternative” which permits one acre lots on the waterfront of Lake Anna.  The plan as drawn used the creeks and small stream beds on the property as “waterfront” and proposed mostly one acre lots throughout the development. This plan was questioned by LACA and apparently also met with concerns from County Staff regarding the proposed use of PRR-4 zoning and density. 

On November 14, 2022 the Developer submitted a new plan to Re-Zone the property to PRR-3, with 40 single family detached lots and homes placed on the two parcels making up the roughly 132 acres.

Once again hearing and understanding the concerns of the County Staff, the developer has elected to drop to the PRR-3 sub-category with an allowable density of one (1) parcel per three (3) acres, or forty-four 44 allowable lots. However, the included rezoning package proposes to only develop forty (40) single-family detached lots. The proposed PRR-3 development intends to use the lakefront preservation alternative in order to preserve and protect the water quality and scenic resources of Lake Anna.

Additionally, the property does have a platted access easement out to the west through the adjacent parcels over to Rt. 522. Though this access has not yet been developed, plans are already under review within Orange County and VDOT for the development of this entrance into the property.

The development will adhere to the minimum lot size of two (2) acres, which may be reduced to one (1) acre consistent with the lake front preservation alternative, and a minimum lot width of One hundred fifty (150) feet, which may be reduced to one hundred (100) feet for lots of less than two (2) acres, again under the lake front preservation alternative.”

The application outlines various amenities to be provided for the subdivision including a small clubhouse and pool, boat ramp and covered boat docks (a maximum of 1 per lot) along Lake Anna. 

The Application has undergone review by County Staff with comments provided to the developer early this year.   

Hairfield Property

What has been known as the Hairfield property is the proposed site for a two-phase development requiring rezoning from its current Resort Agricultural (R-A) designation to Planned Development Housing One (PDH-1) and Resort Commercial (R-C) zoning designations, necessary to accommodate the phased development.  The property consists of five (5) parcels generally located in the 4700 block of Courthouse Road (Route 208) to the east and south of High Point and Anna Point Marinas, three on the south side of Courthouse Road and two on the north side: Parcels 69-A-69A, 69-A-66, 69- A-66A, 69-A-69, and 69-A-65; together totaling just over 243 acres. The properties are bounded to the south by Lake Anna and existing residential properties, to the north and east by farmland and single-family residential homes. The subject parcels and adjoining Spotsylvania County parcels are currently zoned R-A. The site is currently minimally developed with a few single-family residences and abandoned buildings including the old Hairfield Grocery store on the corner of Ridge Road and Courthouse Road.

According to the application, the proposed residential development will consist of approximately 214 acres utilizing the PDH-1 subcategory with an allowable density of one (1) parcel per one (1) acre, or two-hundred fourteen (214) allowable lots. However, the plan is to only develop seventy-seven (77) lots, with the majority of the lots ranging between one (1) acre and three (3) acres in size.  PDH-1 lot size requirements are a minimum lot size of one (1) acre with a minimum width of 100 feet.

Phase two is envisioned to be a commercial development along both sides of the Courthouse Road frontage utilizing the Resort Commercial (R-C) zoning designation. The proposed commercial development will consist of approximately 29 acres and provide much-needed commercial development along this area of Lake Anna.

Two new entrances are proposed for the development strategically located on the south side of Courthouse Road (Route 208) to meet access management and sight distance requirements with one being placed directly across from the existing Ridge Road. The north side of the development will utilize both the existing Ridge Road and Corene Road. Detailed trip generation and turn lane analysis revealed that turn lanes along Route 208 are not warranted for the residential development. The existing access point from Seay Point Road that serves the existing residences to the south of the affected property will be maintained as a part of this development both throughout construction as well as at the end of the project.

The proposed development will include several amenities that make this a more desirable place of residence including a swimming pool and clubhouse, proposed adjacent to the boat ramp along the southwestern portion of the property. The clubhouse complex will serve as a lake-front node for community recreation.

This application was filed in late February and is under review by County Planning Staff as the first step in the rezoning process. 

For both development activities, the zoning and planning process will include Community Meetings as well as Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors Public Hearings.  Visit the LACA Website at  to follow the progress and be alerted to important dates for hearings and other community meetings where you can learn more about these developments, share your opinions and make your desires known to our County officials.

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