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LACA Land Use Committee Update

July 01, 2022 12:00 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

By John Wayne - July 2022

With much of the focus of the Land Use Committee being on a successful outcome regarding the Four Seasons RV Park over the past year, we will begin to report more information as we have it on other developments around the Lake.  Members of the Committee have been watching these developments and communicating with developers and county officials about them.  While some are progressing at the expected rate, others have stalled.  Over the next months we will be providing details on those developments which are active and/or coming in the not-too-distant future.

One of the “developments” that we can report on is the update to the Spotsylvania Comprehensive Plan for the areas surrounding the lake.  The Planning Commission, working with the Spotsylvania Board of Supervisors had designated the Route 208 corridor in the Lake Anna Area as Mixed Use Commercial Heavy.  This would require that developments proposed for this area have more “commercial” use than residential. 

In the latest update, they are also adding the Planned Residential Rural (PRR) zoning district as complementary to Mixed Use Commercial Heavy.  This designates single-family detached housing requiring individual well and septic, to the zoning requirements making it harder for developers to get approval for private community wastewater treatment systems and mass drain fields.  While this updated Comprehensive Plan has not received all the required approvals, we have already leanings in this direction by the Planning Commission (PC).  Last year the PC voted unanimously to deny the zoning request for the Towns at Point Seanna development on the property located between Anna Point Marina and Pigeon Run.  This plan proposed utilizing a community wastewater treatment system and the PC indicated that there was not the proper mix of commercial/residential use proposed to be in line with the Comprehensive Plan.  Additional time has been granted to this request and it has not yet gone before the Board of Supervisors.

Zoning requests and Special Use Permits for upcoming developments on properties in Spotsylvania County will likely now be viewed by the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors through the lens of the new Comprehensive Plan once it is approved.  We will watch to see how this affects developments being planned for the Hairfield property, on Rte. 208 across from High Point and Anna Point marinas, and the former Hayden property, where the SUP for the Four Seasons RV Park had been proposed and is currently withdrawn. 

On the Louisa side of the lake Cutalong is currently most active.  The Golf Course is in full swing with 18 holes and a member count that continues to grow.  Infrastructure is being built out to include the wastewater treatment facility and the community water system.  Look for a complete report on Cutalong in next month’s newsletter.  Other developments continuing through the process in Louisa are the Lake Anna Gateway Shopping area at the corner of Rte. 522 and Mansfield Road which is looking for tenants prior to beginning the build out, the New Bridge Fire and EMS Station where construction should begin soon to be completed in 2023 and the Rte. 522 and Rte. 208 Round About scheduled for some time in 2023. 

Over the next months we will provide additional details of these and other pending developments around the lake.  If you have questions or hear information that you would like to get to us, please drop the Land Use committee a note.  You can find us on the LACA Website.

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