2021 LACA Membership Survey

June 01, 2021 12:00 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

By Rick Nehrboss - June 2021

Coming to your inbox soon!

We are in the process of putting the final touches on the 2021 LACA Membership survey to send out to all members later this month. We cannot overemphasize how important your feedback from the survey will be to us and would love for you to take 18 minutes out of your busy lives to complete it!  If you have a family membership, you both can fill out a survey, and we understand that even family members may have differences in opinion!

There are several reasons why LACA conducts our biennial survey. The first and probably most important reason is to inform our strategic planning process. The survey results help us see the bigger picture. The second reason is to guide LACA’s budget decisions concerning the allocation of scarce resources. The data we receive from the survey helps us lobby the local governments for additional resources and gives us an indication of which programs may need more or fewer resources. Third, the survey results allow us to measure our performance. Are we communicating efficiently and effectively? Are our programs and information dissemination methods meeting our member’s expectations? Fourth, the survey is yet another means for the

LACA leadership to engage our members about the Lake Anna community. Finally, the survey allows our members to have a voice, and tell the LACA leadership what is important to you and

your family.

We send out this survey every two years, and this year the survey is organized based upon our LACA committees with the following questions:

● Water Quality (Questions 1-6)

● Environmental Preservation (Questions 7-10)

● Emergency Services and Safety (Questions 11-15)

● Land Use (Questions 16-17)

● Membership and Marketing (Questions 18-23)

● General Topics (Fireworks, Annual Meeting and Comments) (Questions 24-31)

We will compile the survey responses and present the results at the upcoming annual meeting and your comments and opinions will help shape our programs and activities for the next two years! We would love to get responses from all our members! Help us, help you enjoy Lake Anna!


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