What are Buoys and Who Takes Care of Them? (UPDATED)

April 01, 2021 12:00 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

By Jean McCormick – April 2021

The Lake Anna Advisory Committee’s (LAAC's) Safety & Navigation Subcommittee is responsible for installing and maintaining all hazard buoys and the No Wake buoys at most bridges on our Lake. The buoys meet Coast Guard standards for Aids to Navigation and, on Lake Anna, are approved by Department of Wildlife Resources (DWR). 

Volunteers from Wolfe Landscaping have generously donated their time to make sure these navigational safety markers do their job—to help identify dangerous parts of the Lake and regulate boaters’ speed under the bridges. These regulatory buoys play a major role in helping to keep boaters safe while enjoying their time on Lake Anna.

I am asking for help from the Lake Anna community, especially those who live in sight of a buoy, to let me know if one of the buoys becomes damaged, breaks loose from its anchor, gets knocked over, or if its light ceases to function.

We appreciate all of our “buoy watchers” who have made those calls in the past, and for those folks who were able to secure our buoys at their dock, or even in their driveways, until we could pick them up or reinstall.

LAAC buoys will have a decal attached that clearly states LAAC’s ownership and asks you to call 540-967-1234. This number connects you to Louisa County’s 911 call center, who will relay that information to the committee for action.

Thank you for your support of Lake Anna’s navigation safety program.

Call or email Jean: 571-236-5247 or jeanmccor@aol.com

Enforcement Update on Red Balls

LACA was recently informed by Department of Wildlife Resources (DWR) of a change in enforcement related to the Red Balls or Buoys that are proliferating on Lake Anna. Prior to this announcement, DWR has considered Red Balls/Buoys on Lake Anna to be illegal and has required removal of the markers. Generally, homeowners install these markers to mark a 50-foot setback from their docks or swimming areas. 

DWR reviewed Regulation 4VAC15-370-50 and senior staff determined that red balls do not meet the definition of a regulatory marker nor do they affect the "safety, health or well-being of a boating operator." Therefore, DWR will no longer require the Red Balls/Buoys to be removed.

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