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LACA HOA/POA Presidents Council

November 01, 2022 12:00 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

By Rick Nehrboss – November 2022


Last summer in our membership survey, we had a couple of questions concerning HOA/POA membership.  On one question we asked if the members would support a special membership category for HOA/POA Presidents.  The overwhelming result was 85% yes!  We also had a comment about creating a forum for HOA/POA members to address areas of common interest or concern.  This very topic was the subject of discussion at four monthly board meetings, and we approved the creation of a LACA Presidents Council (PC).  In addition, we presented this concept at our July Annual Meeting and for those who missed it, we wanted to give you some highlights of what to expect.

The Board approved the creation of the Council with the caveat the representatives should be LACA members.  We understand not all HOA/POA presidents are LACA members.  We will offer the ability for the HOA/POA President to delegate their LACA PC representation to another HOA/POA Board member who does already belong to LACA.  We will capture the appropriate organizational position in each member’s contact information on the LACA website.  Another option is for the HOA/POA Association to join as an organization with two members, and we do have several Associations who are LACA members.  We will need the contact information for the individual members for each Association along with their official positions within the HOA/POA. With this information and in preparation for the upcoming inaugural meeting, we will send out broadcast emails to Council members with invitations to participate in a Zoom meeting. 

We envision this Council becoming a forum for Presidents and their peers to address any HOA/POA issues and to capture best practices from other council representatives who want to offer their approaches on topics such as covenant and bylaw changes, short term rental policies, pending legal actions, Management companies, contracted services, etc.  In addition to connecting organizations with similar issues, we would capture best practices into a repository for use by the Council members.  Of course, a lot of details need to be worked through, but these meetings will be specifically for the Council members. LACA’s role will be to host the meetings.  If desired, we could provide topic presentations by our Committee Chairs in a significant level of detail as our contribution to these meetings. This would provide Council members with greater insight and visibility into LACA Board decisions and initiatives. 

We understand not all our communities are HOA/POA organizations and we haven’t forgotten you!  If you are a member of such a community and are willing to serve as a community liaison to LACA, we will add you to the Council!  You may choose to participate in meetings where you may have a common interest with the HOA/POA members and some agenda items may have broader implications!

We anticipate conducting these meetings using Zoom only because of the size of the audience since we have approximately 180 different HOAs/POAs and subdivisions.  To accept this invitation, please contact your Regional Director listed at : If all else fails, email me at  Once we have established contacts for most HOAs/POAs and subdivisions we will announce our inaugural meeting.  We look forward to meeting our new Council members!  More to come soon!

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