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These data and maps document the water quality monitoring program activities for sampling and testing that is conducted by LACA on the lake.  LACA monitors the lake four times each recreational season.  LACA normally conducts sampling in April, June, August and October.

All data and maps published by LACA for our Water Quality Monitoring Program are posted on these pages for public review.  Maps and data from the current monitoring cycle are posted as images for review.  Maps and data from previous monitoring cycles in the current year are provided as links for review or download.  Maps and data for previous years can be obtained through e-mail requests to harry.looney@lakeannavirginia.org

Links to maps and data from previous monitoring sessions

April 2021 maps

- June 2021 maps

- August 2021 maps

- October 2021 maps

- April 2022 maps

- June 2022 maps

- August 2022 maps

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