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Cyanobacteria Data and maps - Lower aND MIDDLE LAKE

These data and maps document the algae testing that is conducted by LACA on the lake.  The sequence of monitoring follows a three-week cycle.   

  1. The LOWER and MIDDLE lake is monitored in the first week of each 3-week cycle  
  2. The UPPER lake is monitored in week two of the cycle
  3. The Waster Heat Treatment Facility (WHTF) is monitored in week three of the cycle  

LACA plans to conduct eight cycles from early May through early November.  We will monitor each of the three areas through eight (8) cycles. 

All data and maps published by LACA for our Algae Monitoring Project are posted on these pages for public review.  Maps and data from the current monitoring cycle are posted as images for review.  Maps and data from previous monitoring cycles are provided as links for review or download.

Links to maps and data from previous monitoring cycles

- 5 & 7 May 2020

- 26 May 2020

- 19 June 2020

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