Cyanobacteria Mitigation Program

HAB at Lake Anna

Program Overview 

LACA is excited to announce the “Kick the HAB” @ Lake Anna campaign. The goal of the campaign is to pilot a Cyanobacteria monitoring and mitigation program during the upcoming 2022 recreational season.  “Kick the HAB” is intended to minimize the need for Virginia Department of Health (VDH) recreational “no-swim” advisories on Lake Anna.   By getting out in front of developing potential harmful algal blooms (HABs), the plan would succeed by safely keeping Cyanobacteria growth in check before reaching critical threshold cell concentrations that would trigger a HAB advisory to be issued by VDH. 

LACA has been conducting water quality monitoring at Lake Anna in partnership with the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) for many years.  In addition, for the past two years we have added a more frequent and intensive Cyanobacteria Monitoring program focused on the problematic upper lake region tributaries.  We have also over the last four years investigated and researched various approaches, methodologies, and emerging technology aimed at HAB mitigation, remediation and prevention.  These efforts have convinced us that the underlying causes are complex, deep-rooted and difficult to precisely identify.  The solutions will need to be multi-faceted, will be expensive, and will take a lot of effort over a long timeframe.

The data and information we generated from our research and analysis provides several potential paths forward to fight the Cyanobacteria issues we have experienced over the past four years. Our action plan for Cyanobacteria Mitigation, Remediation and Prevention includes an extensive list of both short range and long range prospective actions.  Mitigation actions we have evaluated tend to be more cost-effective and targeted for more immediate impacts.  The most promising of these ideas with the greatest potential near-term impact on HABs at Lake Anna and safest environmental outcomes are the mitigation technology we will evaluate during the 2022 recreational season.  Please see our current Program Overview for details on the mitigation efforts planed for this year.

Areas of Interest (AOIs)

Program Schedule

  • Application events are planned to be 2-day activities
  • LACA plans to conduct five (5) application events during 2022
  • Dates/times for application events are subject to change due to lake and weather conditions
  • Planned schedule of application events:

Application Event




June 16-17



July 14-15



July 18-19



August 11-12



August 15-16


Lake Guard Oxy Product Information

Lake Guard®️ Oxy is manufactured by BlueGreen Water Technologies.  It is part of BlueGreen’s innovative line of Lake Guard®️ remedies designed to effectively mitigate/remediate algae and cyanobacterial blooms (blue-green algae) in lakes and oceans of any size within 24-48 hours or less. The formulations are based on tried-and-tested algicides/cyanobacteriocides that are verified safe for both humans and the environment. The addition of a patented biodegradable coat simplifies administration making the formulation buoyant and transportable by wind and current to affected regions of waterbodies without human intervention. These formulations, used in conjunction with BlueGreen’s extensive and advanced data science capabilities, hold the key to solving a host of pervasive worldwide environmental problems.

The Lake Guard®️ Oxy formulation is NSF / ANSI / CAN 60 Certified, US EPA approved, and approved by the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS).  The product's effectiveness against Cyanobacteria is so high that only small quantities are needed to make a massive impact.

The active ingredient in Lake Guard®️ Oxy is sodium percarbonate (a chemical that has long been used safely as an algicide/cyanobacteriocide).  This ingredient is fully approved for safety.  Upon contact with water, Lake Guard®️ Oxy releases hydrogen peroxide which immediately causes oxidative stress in any surrounding cyanobacterial populations, prompting an auto-catalytic cell-death cascade.  The by-products of this highly effective remedy — water and oxygen — are completely harmless to the surrounding environment.

LACA conducted extensive research over the past eight months on the use of hydrogen-peroxide products in freshwater lakes, rivers and reservoirs.  This research led us to BlueGreen Water Technologies and we initiated dialogue with them in December 2021 concerning the use of their Lake Guard Oxy product at Lake Anna.  LACA reviewed a number of peer reviewed research and academic papers on hydrogen-peroxide products and attended multiple seminars (via Zoom and other web conferencing platforms) on Cyanobacteria mitigation and remediation approaches.  The most economical and lowest risk approach that we identified is the use of hydrogen-peroxide to control the growth of Cyanobacteria in Lake Anna.  Based on the research and science-based approach, LACA selected the BlueGreen Water Technologies product Lake Guard Oxy for our Cyanobacteria Mitigation Program - 2022.  Please see our current Lake Guard Oxy Product Overview and our Library of Research Papers and Reports for additional details.

The Lake Guard Oxy Product will be applied by SOLitude Lake Management, a licensed, certified applicator in Virginia.  The authorization to discharge this product in Lake Anna is granted under the General Permit issued under Virginia Administrative Code, 9VAC25-800-30.  SOLitude is the company that was contracted by Louisa County and the Lake Anna Advisory Committee (LAAC) to conduct an Algal Bloom Assessment and Recommendations for Part of Lake Anna in 2021-2022.  A copy of the LAAC Final Report is included in the Library and you can click here to download a copy

BlueGreen Water Technologies website

Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for Lake Guard Oxy

EPA Labeling Instructions for Lake Guard Oxy

National Science Foundation (NSF) Listing for BlueGreen Water Technologies

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