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Preserving, conserving, and protecting Lake Anna and its watershed since the 1990's.


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- - - LACA is “all volunteer”.
- - - It has no property or office or paid staff.
- - - It has met the requirements to be a nonprofit organization.

Funding for all LACA activities is through membership dues, contributions, and grants. County State and federal grants cover the main expenses of the water testing program and some buoy maintenance activities. The annual 4th of July fireworks event is totally supported by specific contributions. Fireworks funds are accounted separately and not spent on anything but the fireworks program. Contributions should be identified as for fireworks or other LACA programs. Books are reviewed annually.

To donate to LACA, simply send a check to:
PO Box 217
Mineral, VA 23117.

If you'd like your donations to help offset the annual fireworks display, just write "Fireworks" in the memo line of your check
or you can print the donation form by clicking here and mail it in.

Thank you for continuing to support LACA.