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Preserving, conserving, and protecting Lake Anna and its watershed since the 1990's.


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THE BASICS: When you join LACA you become a part of an organization that has worked since the early 1990s to keep Lake Anna and its watershed a clean and beautiful place to live and enjoy recreational opportunities. Some basic things you need to about LACA: LACA is “all volunteer”. It has no property or office or paid staff. General meetings are held annually. Our newsletters and website have the contact information for all officers. You can also email us via our web site or send a note to our post office box 217 Mineral VA 23117.

ORGANIZATION: LACA is led by a Board of Directors elected by the membership. Board meetings are the first Thursday of each month. They are open to members and the public. Officers are elected annually at the general meeting. Each of 6 regions (Mineral and Louisa are combined) around the lake has a Regional Director on the Board to represent issues and concerns specific to that region. Members in each region elect their representative. Memberships are renewed annually. If you are a new member you will get a renewal notice in June. The notice will announce the annual meeting, include an elections ballot, and ask you to update your application information. LACA is guided by a set of by-laws and articles of incorporation. It has met the requirements to be a nonprofit organization. Mission and goals have been identified and a policy manual guides the Board of Directors in operating procedures. Funding for all activities is through membership dues, contributions, and grants. County State and federal grants cover the main expenses of the water testing program and some buoy maintenance activities. The annual 4th of July fireworks event is totally supported by specific contributions. Fireworks funds are accounted separately and not spent on anything but the fireworks program. Contributions should be identified as for fireworks or other LACA programs. Books are reviewed annually.

QUESTIONS: You may have other questions – if so give us a call. LACA is working for you in many areas. There is a lot to be done. Cutalong with 890 new housing units is going to impact the lake. Dominion’s new reactor is going to bring major construction. New residents and new “day users” of the lake are increasing rapidly. Shoreline erosion and sediment intake to the lake increasingly need attention. Commercial development is on the rise. If you are not a member, please join today. If you would like to volunteer a portion of your time, please call and we can discuss where you might like to serve. If you have concerns about what we are doing – or not doing, please let us know.